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the best dehumidifier buying guide

July 29,2021
By Waykar

Here are a few things you need to know before buying a dehumidifier


Getting tired of dampness and the mold growth in your home? Buying a new dehumidifier should be the best solution for you. But, do you have any idea of how to choose the right size dehumidifier? Are you clear with how many pints you want to remove based on the capacity of your room?  


If not, you’ve come to the right place. 

1. Why do I need a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier can effectively remove moisture from the air which lowers humidity making air temperature feel cooler, and reduce the growth of mold in particularly humid summer conditions. Besides that, if you commonly get allergies and asthma, and found yourself suffering a lot, an innovative dehumidifier can help-in more ways than one. 


2. There are two factors mostly contribute to the humidity levels.


1) Surrounding Climate


The most humid state in the U.S. is probably Florida or Louisiana since these states are relatively warm and mostly surrounded by water with no area far from the sea. In addition, Florida is a relatively thin state, and there is very little terrain above sea level. And based on average stats on humidity, its humidity level never drops below 50% results in even your salt will cake in the canister. 


2) Poor Ventilation 


Ventilation is an issue often overlooked by attic and loft owners. An insufficiently ventilated space can cause long-term damage to your decoration, and high humidity levels in poorly ventilated spaces are intended to raise indoor temperature which results in the stuffy air. There is nothing worse than a room filled with stuffy air, especially in the blazing summer months. It’s smelly, it’s stale, and it’s just plain uncomfortable. Just imagine when you are picking up clothes for gathering and found it smells like musty, we don’t want that to happen, right? 


3. How much space do I need to dehumidify?


It is vitally important to choose the right dehumidifier, or let’s say the first question you should ask yourself when you decide to buy a dehumidifier is “what size do I need?”. Otherwise, the unit may not be able to remove enough moisture from the air based on your condition——and it will waste energy and raises electric bill by working too hard. For good performance, select the right size dehumidifier based on the dampness of the space you need to dehumidify, or just go higher pints removable or larger size to ensure efficiency.  


4. Do I require any special features?


The one last thing you need to figure out before making a purchasing decision is to ask yourself if you need any special features. In other words, what do you expect for the unit? Are you looking for any needs it can provide to you? Such as its mobility. We all agree that no one enjoys a product that is hard to use. A portable unit allows you to dehumidify any space you want, especially when moving with caster wheels and ergonomically placed handles. It is equally important to engage a dehumidifier equipped with a child lock to help prevent kids from gaining access to the machine and ensure hassle-free operation. Besides that, many people request adjustable fan speeds for multiple choices, as it can work more efficiently and reduces its energy consumption by manually adjust it. Waykar dehumidifiers offer easy mobility, child-lock, adjustable fan speeds, and various other features you may expect to. 



Still Have Questions?


Can’t decide what’s the best to buy? We are delighted to provide any suggestion out of decision making. Feel free to contact our team members via live chat. We are looking to improve your indoor air quality to make you truly feel at home.


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