Common Troubleshooting for All Dehumidifiers

1. Please check if the doors and windows are opened which affects the dehumidification effect because of air flow-out. Close the doors and windows and other air ventilation outlets when open the machine. 
2. Please check if the air inlet filter has been blocked that cause bad dehumidification performance. Clean the filter as often as needed.
3. There is a huge mismatch between the covering space and the dehumidification capacity of the machine.

Due to the 5% deviation in practical working environment and the relative unstability of the temperature and humidity in the air flow, we suggest you to set the humidity value 5%-10% lower than you actually need.

Because heat will be generated inside from the compressor when the dehumidifier works, which needs to be brought out to force cooling down of the compressor by funneling the dehumidified air on its heated surface. This will ensure the long-lasting operation of the dehumidifier and avoid breakdown.

The compressor will stop working after pulling out the water tank, but the fan will keep running for 3 minutes to effectively dissipate the moisture and heat inside before its shut-off.

E0 and E2: Malfunction of defrosting temperature sensor.
Ways: 1. Reconnect and ensure that the connection is reliable.
2. Replace the coil temperature sensor.

E1: Malfunction of the humidity sensor
Ways: 1. Reconnect and ensure that the connection is reliable.
2. Replace the humidity sensor.

E3: Phase sequence error
Ways: 1. Swap any one-phase fire line within a three-phase fire line (L line) of the power wire.
2. Check whether the power supply is out of phase, or voltage imbalance.
3. Circuit board three-phase detection line failure requires the replacement of the main control board.

E4: Malfunction of environmental temperature sensor
Ways: 1. Reconnect and ensure that the connection is reliable.
2. Replace the humidity sensor (Generally, the temperature sensor and humidity sensor are assembled together).

E5: Malfunction of system high pressure
E6: Malfunction of system low pressure

E7: Alarm for full water
Ways: 1. The water tank is not well placed, please re-place the water tank position.
2. The floating disk magnet on the water tank falls off, causing the water full tips or floating disk fracture, re-fixed small magnets or replace the floating disk.
3. Water level sensor failure, replace the water level sensor switch.

E8: Malfunction of overload current of the compressor
E9: Malfunction of overload current of the motor.

The machine may need some time to recover its original settled place of the lubricant. Please keep the machine rest and stand upright for 3 hours before your first use in case malfunctioning and extend to 24 hours if long lasting shipping.

We suggest you call or email to technical service for support. We will feedback to you within 24 hours and help to resolve all the problems our customers encounter.
Phone: +1-(213)-895-4871
Email: support@waykar.com

253 Series Dehumidifier

Please check if the control panel has been locked. Press the “LOCK” button for 2 seconds to unlock if so.

“DEHUMIDIFY” flashing indicates the environment humidity has been reached the preset level and the dehumidification process has been stopped.

The machine will keep running for 3 minutes to ensure effective dissipation of vapor and heat inside the machine after the humidity value has been reached.

Please set the timer to “0”.

160B Dehumidifier

1. The new material of new machine will generate some odor, which will be cleared after several days.
2. The air filter is too dirty or the evaporator and condenser surface is molded because of dust or foreign objects. Please wash the filter or keep evaporator and condenser surface clean.

Please check if the magnet on the float and if the float can be swung freely on the water. The machine will only automatically shut off when the float can be swung freely if the water tank is full.

1. Please check if the water tank placed correctly and place the water tank again. 
2. Please check if the magnet placed correctly and shake the machine with 45° angle to reset the magnet. 
If any questions, please contact the customer service for support.

The purpose is to prevent whole machine shutdown because of the single non-functional failure.

Other Related Issues

Only 3, the back size is sealed, will not have air to blow out.

If the machine has been horizontally installed, it does not have so much vibration when working.

Please shut off the machine to check if the filter mesh has been blocked and wash it before you power on the machine again.

Yes, the melting part of the magnet is to integrate the magnet into the hole of the float, which is not a defect.


If you need to purchase replacement parts, you can contact the after-sales team for detailed advice.
Email: support@waykar.com

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