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How to choose the right dehumidifier for your home?

Here are a few things you need to know in advance

Getting tired of dampness and the mold growth in your home? Buying a new dehumidifier should be the best solution for you. But, do you have any idea of how to choose a dehumidifier? Are you looking for special functions and have you found a unit to serve your needs?
If not, you’ve come to the right place.

Why my house is so humid?
There are several factors contributed to the humidity levels included:

  • Surrounding Climate
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Indoor Temperature
  • Construction & Materials

The factors mentioned above contribute to most of the reasons that increase the humidity level. Meanwhile, in hotter climates, if you are using an over-sized air conditioner—which means the capacity is much too larger for your home, and it cools the air in very short time with ineffective cycles—it has great chance causes condensation of excessive humidity.

Furthermore, humidity does not only come from external factors, but also improper diet and lifestyle. The improper diet gives rise to humidity within your body and affects the functioning of the stomach. If the humidity cannot depart from your inside body, it will accumulate.

Foods like Pepper、garlic、ginger, and curry belong to spicy food, but most people consider they can sweat when eating these kinds of foods and bring out the humidity from their inside body, which is completely wrong.

According to the research. Expert claims that humidity generally associates with peristalsis rather than sweat. Despite the spicy food has an effect of temperature dispersion, it does not work for everyone though.

Improper lifestyle accelerates humidity in your inside body.

Inadequate Sleep
All of the organs in your body will work under a long-term overload status if you are not getting enough sleep for a long time, including the stomach and kidneys.

Biologically, dieting can lead to unhealthy variation in your body, such as hormonal changes, decreased immune system, and reduced bone density. Which are much easier to stock humidity inside your body.

Lack of Exercise
People who don’t exercise often will also be affected, especially when there are more sedentary people surrounded, which is more inclined to make the excessive water saved in your body and cannot be carried out.

 After reviewing all those factors that might result in a negative effect on your body. Here comes the doubt of how do I avoid though? In other words, how does a dehumidifier help me improve my living environment, and how does it bring the humidity inside out of my body?

Once you are looking for buying a dehumidifier, you may be the one struggling with poor ventilation and lack of sunlight at home. The excessive humidity will cause damage to your home décor and result in a musty smell.


A dehumidifier extracts water from the air of your home until the relative humidity is reduced to appropriate level you chose previously, and then automatically maintain the comfort level with no interference to you. The humid air is pump into the unit by the fan and passed through the heat exchanger.

At this time, the moisture in the air condenses into water drops and generates dry air by maintaining the right temperature and humidity during the process.

Thus, engaging in a dehumidifier would not only clean your air and create a comfortable surrounding for you but also keep your home at proper humidity level and cool you down.  

Let’s get to our home dehumidifier star Waykar 160B—which is able to dehumidify space up to 2000 Sq. Ft and remove approximately 40 pints of moisture per day.

It accommodates every function you dream of an ideal dehumidifier, comes with 6.6-foot long drain hose that let water pour out of the device and into potted plants or nearby sink.


Product Review: Waykar PD1201B Commercial Dehumidifier

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